The Emergent Song 

WeSing: Emergent Song begins on Feb 2nd. The program is online, with two in-person retreats (June 2022 and January 2023) included in the year-long cohort. For more information and to register, please visit https://www.wesingthebody.com


This is the perfect workshop for those looking to join a safe online singing community. All levels are welcome. Come tap into your mind, body, and spirit. Experience community, movement, live music, and more.  




"Camp Held"

Holding Every Living Dream

Where singers come to replenish, play, and celebrate all the creative parts of themselves.  

Guest artist and facilitation 

Come be held by this powerful group of artists and explore what's on your mind. Experience group singing, the outdoors, songwriting, massage, swimming,

dance, yoga, and art.

nightly open mics, and delicious food

Valerie Troutt - Host

Solas B. Lalgee - Vocal Wellness


Valerie Brown-Troutt - Art

Reserve your place today.

Email Valerietrouttmusic@gmail.com 

Write "CAMP HELD 2022" in the subject 



Valerie is no longer available

for private voice lessons

Here are some resources for those

seekings vocal music instruction


Branice McKenzie  https://www.branicemckenzie.com

Lisa Forkish www.lisaforkish.com

Eastbay Center (ask for Branice, Tiffany, or Liza)




The Oaktown Criers at OPC 2013 class showcase