Find Your Light Songcare and Guided Journal


"Find your Light" fosters safe and brave spaces for Black Womyn and girls in the community.  Songcare is a method designed by Troutt that supports healing and poignant conversations.

Our short-term goal is to re-affirm sisterhood within the Black Womyn's Community through our new mighty networks platform. Our long-term goal is to purchase land and build the "Find Your Light" Residency and Wellness Centerwhich centers Black womyn's self-care wellness, art, and belonging,  through education, and design experiences that foster Black Womyn's empowerment and create sustainability.  

Help FYL build and develop the "Find Your Light" FYL

Residency and Wellness Center for Black Womyn

Donate and help FYL reach its goal of $250k by August 2025

Open up your space or home, and host an FYL fundraiser or event. Share the good news, and support Black Womyn with your money and resources. Email: for more info


Are you a Black Womyn looking for new experiences? Looking for an alternative to mainstream social media that will uplift, inspire and challenge you to be your most amazing self? Well, join "Find Your Light" and become a part of a new thriving community of Black Womyn reclaiming their minds, bodies, and spirits. Click the link, it takes less than 1 min to join. Membership is Free until June 23rd, 2022


Watch this video and be inspired by Black Girl Church 

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Songcare workshops, Black Girl Church, Community Songcare gatherings and

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Jan 31st, 2020 7-10pm 




BLACK GIRL CHURCH (BGC) Is a designed experience using soulful motivational music and art to help foster healthy, courageous and healing conversations within the Black Women’s community and beyond. BGC is a non-religious event exclusively for women and girls of African descent where you will experience Sisterhood through live music, design thinking, food experiential activities and more... come to lay your burdens down and get lifted up.


BGC practices...
Black Culture
Design thinking
Mindfulness and Self-Care
Visit @findyourlightcommunity on instagram for more information

Zoolabs Oakland

 Dec 14th, 2019 

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