Another Magic


Another Magic Showcase #2!

Hosted by Seattle musician/arts facilitator Another Magic (Thomas Arndt), this monthly showcase features innovative artists performing live songs, talking about their creative processes, and interacting with the live audience.

Details for the Zoom event released the day of.

6-7pm Showcase 7-8pm Dance Party


---Valerie Troutt---

Valerie Troutt is a tremendously creative artist for whom art and activism are intertwined. Bay-area born and bred, her spiritual and social justice-driven performances mirror her lifelong hunger for social connection and cultural narratives. Troutt likens herself to a modern day griot for the people. Her studio album The Oakland Girl comes out soon on Slow & Steady Records.

---Emma Alabaster---

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Emma Alabaster works as a musician, composer, cultural organizer, and educator throughout New York City. Emma performs under her name and as decibelists with drummer, Leo Ferguson.

---Frank Mugisha---

Frank Mugisha is a Rwandan-Ugandan dance artist based in Kampala. He has trained in contemporary dance, breakdance and African traditional dances, which he fuses to create a unique artistic identity.

As a creative facilitator, movement student, educator, and performer, Mugisha uses dance as a tool for self-expression, bridge-building and a vehicle for social change.

Mugisha's work has sent him all around the world. He focuses on the continuous unlearning of all he's been taught as an African man that he feels belittles him and the ways of his people—and he constantly seeks to reinvent and remember new and ancient ways of being in balance with self, others, and his surroundings.