At Because of Black Music IAM (BOBM), we immerse ourselves in the vibrant culture of Black music by bringing people together to share music, stories, and refreshments. Since December 2022, our hallmark event has been the 2nd Wednesday Evening Game Night—a cherished tradition where individuals of all ages and backgrounds unite for an evening of community-building fun.

From Bid Whist to Dominoes, Spades to Uno, and even Chess, we offer a diverse array of games to enjoy. Plus, if you're new to a game, don't worry—our friendly community members are always ready to teach you the ropes. It's truly a family affair!

Join us on June 12th, 2024, for a special edition Game Night and Jam featuring the extraordinary talents of Saxophonist Howard Wiley and MC & Poet Ryan Nicole. Tickets are priced at $25, and admission is free for youths and students under 18 years old (*accompanied by an adult). Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening of music, games, and camaraderie!