Queer Rebel Fest 2024: THE COSMOS UNLIMITED

Oasis, San Francisco

Queer Rebel Fest 2024: THE COSMOS UNLIMITED 15-year Anniversary Celebration When: Sunday, June 2nd at 6p (doors) 7p (showtime) Valerie performs at 9 pm (showcase style 15min) Where: Oasis SF - https://www.sfoasis.com/about

Join us for the 15th Annual Queer Rebels Fest: COSMOS UNLIMITED! Join us as we celebrate 15 incredible years of QTPoC Creatives! Witness Queer Rebels on a mission! We are making waves and leaving a lasting impact on artists and communities far and wide. As people of color, we've not only survived but thrived, and we're proud to celebrate our longevity as we continue to expand into the cosmos of creativity and expression. This event showcases a stellar lineup of veteran and emerging artists who are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. QRP creates space for artists of color of all ages to shine, share their stories, and connect with one another in a celebration of diversity, resilience, and creativity. Come with us on this cosmic voyage and experience the magic of the COSMOS UNLIMITED- the 15th Annual Queer Rebels Fest!

Oasis is 21+ for all events. Please bring a valid ID.